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Mandevco Consultants was founded by Janneke Erasmus in 1987. We believe it is a success story of business survival through three decades, thriving into a second generation, family-owned business. It is currently led by Louise Brits as its Chief Dreamer.

Our dream is to improve lives.


Our own, through growing and learning.


The lives of our clients, through co-creating future products and solutions.


Our community, by investing in improving education.


Our country, through job and skills creation.

Mandevco holds a BBBEE level 3 certificate (110% Contributor). We specialise in co-creating the future, the one we want. We do this for ourselves, and with our clients on their initiatives.

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We can start engagement at a logical departure point: ideation. Or we can home in on a specific part of the process as an alternative.

All our solutions are bespoke and based entirely on the client's unique situation and needs.

If we start at Ideation, we offer thinking partnerships and collaboration sessions with client staff to consider what the future of the solution would be. We co-design this into a visual articulation to ensure both that we understand each other, and that we agree on the key commonalities we need to succeed. We use a variety of techniques in the visualisation process, including info graphics and prototypes. We ensure we listen without barriers to outside-in views: our end consumers. This view is critical and often difficult without outside help from a thinking partner like us. We reflect together on what we see, and change it until it fits.

Ideation allows us to dream big, to think into possibility and shape an alternative future.

The Requirements phase is where we take our big, bold dream and plan it on a roadmap for execution. We continue using our collaboration sessions and thinking partnerships, as these unlock our best collective thinking and ownership. We continue to obtain input from our consumers. The visualisation becomes more detailed and we focus on usability and design, to ensure the end product is practical and effortless to purchase and use.

During this phase we start preparing the rest of the client team and other key stakeholders to transition into the new future. We have business and sales readiness as an intentional focus while we are building the new state. There's no use building something super and we don't have the ability to adequately sell or support it, correct? We continue this during the Design and Build phases.

In final preparation for Implementation we use the transition tools we've built along the way. We use a variety of tools based on what is required, including virtual launches, animation, communication media, blended learning and collaboration tools.

Post-implementation reviews are key to future improvements. We run through thinking partnerships with ourselves, our clients and the end consumer to evaluate the future state we have created. These logically illicit a number of new ideas, which feed into the next cycle of Ideation.

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In 2012 we were able to venture into community improvement. We found the perfect outlet for our passion with Partners for Possibility.

Mandevco completed its first partnership with Tlakukani Primary school in the Mamelodi township during 2014. This relationship has created fun and endless inspiration, and continues today. Read more here

Our second partnership launched early in 2016, partnering with Jacaranda Primary school in Laudium.

Partners for Possibility was selected because it provides a sustainable solution: we empower our schools and communities through an equal partnership between business and the school, to create their best future, by them, for them. This is a distinct differentiator from the standard charity work, in our view.

Mandevco is invested in co-creating quality education for all our children in South Africa. We believe in our country's potential and possibility, and we use education to unlock this for future generations.

Do you want to contribute where you know it will make an impact, a difference? Let's talk.

So what is Partners for Possibility?

Partners for Possibility is a creative solution to South Africa’ education crisis – it is a co-action, co-learning partnership between school principals and business leaders, that empowers principals to become change leaders in their schools and communities. In so doing, it enables social cohesion. The Partners for Possibility Programme facilitates cross-sectoral, reciprocal partnerships between business, government and civil society. Read more here

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